A Message from our Artistic Director

A Message from our Artistic Director

August 31th, 2021

The Miami International Piano Festival is thrilled to announce a most spectacular 2021- 2022 Season.   

The pandemic stopped the world of music on its tracks, but we are emerging this season inspired and stronger.   

Celebrating the in-person reemergence of our Festival we open this season on October 17th in a grand fashion, offering our audience a night of beloved concertos by three compelling pianists, Kemal Gekic – Josu de Solaun – Pietro de Maria.  The format of our recitals offers our audience unparallel and illuminating experiences.  

Each performance is preceded by a commentary on the programs  presented by our artists,  by our Lecturer in Residence, Prof. Frank Cooper.

Six compelling pianists will be featured this season Kemal Gekic, Fabio Martino, Nikolay Khozyainov, Ilya Itin, Zlata Chochieva and Ariel Lanyi (new to our audience).