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A New Experience of Online Performances

After the pandemic circumstances in which audience had to see concerts through their screens, we take the good of those times and continue bringing to you, wherever you are, all the performances that happen in the MIPF.

The MIPF Virtual Platform project aims to revaluate the audiovisual content created by our artists, and help rise their careers through this.

You can gain lifetime access to any of the video-concerts of our platforms by donating whichever amaunt that you desire.

Your donation will be used to upkeep the platform's technology (50%) and supporting our investment in more productions with our artists (50%).

Supporting the Careers of MIPF artists

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In Cooperation with

CLOSER.TV is the premium platform for music video concerts, which allows the MIPF to stream its videos all over the world.

Our Virtual Platform is hosted within their servers, so youu will find that both donation processes and domain links appear under their name.

If you have any doubts about this, please contact